All the artwork on this page is already sold. If you like something here or don't find the right colour/ size that you are looking for, contact me and let me create it for you! You can get commission pieces tailored specifically for your space.
This is only a selection of some artwork, please have a look at my Instagram page for more images.


 Rockpool (ii) | 190x130cm Acrylic on canvas. INQUIRE.

A commission project for a luxury apartment in Burj Khalifa Tower. The criteria for this was to create contemporary pieces with character as well as neutral colours.  


Deep Blue Trench | 140x102cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE.

While the Earth formed eons ago, massive earthquakes continuously changed the terrain. Imagine the many worlds that sank and the many mountains that rose. I cannot help wondering what lays waiting for us to discover under our precious waters. "Beneath the Trench" is testament to the fact that we know more about the surface of the moon than about our oceans. It is meant to make the viewer’s imagination delve into the depths and wonder about its mysteries. 


Star Gazing | 150x75cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE.

A commission project for a beautiful house. The criteria for this was to create 3 pieces each with a different character and the colour requirements were to match the fabric colours in the space. So thankful to be able to do this and for the trust of my collectors. 




Strike through| 150x180cm acrylic on canvas. INQUIRE.

 The criteria for this commission project was to create a dramatic piece that would compliment the stone dining table and metal side board. This piece is from the textured collections and has varying thicknesses. So thankful to be able to do this and for the trust of my collectors. 



Wilderness Calls | 100x150cm & 100x300cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE
A commission project for a beautiful house. The criteria for this was to do something that would break how stark the room felt. The colour requirements were to keep it slightly greyscale / sepia with touches of ochre and gold. I convinced them to add some green since the bedroom has huge windows looking out to the beautiful trees in the garden. They bring a dynamic to the huge bedroom and introduce the colours needed to give the monotonous space it's pulse. So thankful to be able to do this and for the trust of my collectors. 




Solar Flare | 150x90cm triptych mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

A commission for a beautiful home with specific fabric colours. The criteria was also to add copper touches. It reminds me of hot sun flares whipping into space bringing sudden light into the blackness. 




Inside the Glacier (ii) | 60x75cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

A team of explorers are trenching through ice mountains. They find a mysterious opening into a cave and dare to climb through. After tunnels of black, they finally creep out into a frozen wonderland with glowing stalactites and untouched waters. Ice caves are one of nature's wonders that stand the test of time, yet their beauty is sensitive. I dream of a green world that satisfies humankind’s eternal quest for more without any negative impact on Earth.



Papillion | 90x200cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

The collector requested I tie in all the colours of the house into this polyptych which would sit on top of their prized blue console table in the lobby. Their console table looks like a butterfly, hence the name. 




Celestial Fireworks | 75x60cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE.

Gravity brings matter together... closer and closer until fusion happens. This is the critical moment when a star is born. The colours and splendor after that event light up the black universe for eons. Whenever I am working on a celestial series I find myself switching between a vastness that is beyond our galaxy, and a focus that is constrained to a single atom. It fascinates me to see how the human mind can register and appreciate both scales.





Deep Blue Soar i & ii | 50x60cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

A deep-sea creature spreading its wings and reaching for the light in the depths of darkness. Deep within the oceans lies a world of severity and adversity, home to a million species of astonishing sea creatures. These beautiful creatures live where sunlight no longer reigns. Through bio-luminescence, their bodies harness biochemistry to produce light and a spectacle of colors. 




Ripple & Rain | 90x60cm. mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

"Those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance " - Robert Kennedy

This series was inspired by what is happening in my country Lebanon. People started standing up against injustice and by doing so sent ripples of hope across all the community. 



Poseidon’s Dream | 100x120cm  mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE.



Complete Implosion | 160x180cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

The criteria for this piece was mainly black and white colours, also for it to feel explosive! I created a tiny sample first to see how to approach the effect... Working in black and white/ monochrome is alot trickier than you think because you are restricted in what you can do to create depth. It's all about the movement in the initial pour then alot of detailing to get the perfect look!




The Pull | 100x150cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

In the heart of earth's core is a solid ball of iron surrounded by a thick molten layer of iron, nickel, and other metals. Currents propagating the molten metal create a magnetic field that protects us from space radiation. While we are busy leading our daily lives, we are constantly being shielded by our earth's invisible magic cloak. "The Pull" is testament to the fact that we owe our existence to earth's core.




Alexandrite | 75x60cm mixed media on canvas. INQUIRE

Hidden deep within the earth's crust, Alexandrite is one of the scarcest gems that has been coveted by Tsars, kings, and emperors throughout history. “Emerald by day, ruby by night,” Alexandrite is the very rare color-changing variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl. In the 19th century, Alexandrite was discovered by a now unknown farmer in the outposts of the Urals; a single glowing crystal was found under the roots of a stunted tree.